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Debra Hilstrom is an advocate who gets results for people. As a state legislator, Debra authored and passed legislation to protect consumers from rip-offs by credit card companies and banks, homeowners from unfair treatment from mortgage lenders, children from abuse by sexual predators, and women from domestic abuse. As an Anoka county prosecutor, Debra holds criminals who exploit the elderly accountable for their wrongs.

Citizen's United threatens to drown out the voices of regular people in elections. I was one of only 16 House Democrats who voted "no" this year to letting corporations spend unlimited amounts of money to throw parties for legislators and their staffs. As Secretary of State, I will do everything possible to challenge Citizen's United and limit the role of corporations and special interests in our elections.

EMILY's List Endorses Debra Hilstrom for SOS

The nation's largest resource for women in politics, endorsed Debra Hilstrom in the election for Secretary of State of Minnesota.

"Debra Hilstrom has an outstanding record of public service in her state house district, and she's ready to bring that experience to all of Minnesota as Secretary of State," said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY's List. "She has a long history of working to improve her district for women and working families, and the EMILY's List community - now more than three million members strong - is excited to have the opportunity to help Debra Hilstrom become the first Democratic woman to serve as Minnesota's Secretary of State in 14 years."

Read the full press release.

womenwinning Endorses Debra Hilstrom for SOS

Minnesota's largest women's PAC significantly impacts the Secretary of State's Race

Saint Paul, Minn. - womenwinning, Minnesota's largest resource for women in politics, announces its endorsement of State Representative Debra Hilstrom for Minnesota Secretary of State. If elected in November, Hilstrom would become the fourth woman elected to this position in the state's history.

"We are honored to endorse Debra Hilstrom for Minnesota Secretary of State," says Lauren Beecham, Executive Director of womenwinning. "Not only is Debra the most qualified candidate in this race, but she has always been a strong advocate of equality for women. As Secretary of State, Debra will promote women's participation in the political process and work to ensure equal opportunity and access for all in our state's election system."

womenwinning's endorsement comes with significant power. Just last year, womenwinning elected Betsy Hodges the second woman Mayor of Minneapolis - the state's largest city. In total, last November, 76 percent of womenwinning-endorsed candidates won their elections. Last cycle, womenwinning raised over one million dollars in both direct candidate fundraising and support for its political and educational programs.

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